Just Broke Up: Get Acquainted With Your Self Again

Being single is not a bad thing. I am not sure why some people treat it as a disease. As soon as you get out of a relationship, all of a sudden some people start to look at you with looks of pity. Looking like they are waiting for you to have a nervous breakdown at any moment. Then the next moment you find yourself feeling that same pity for yourself, on top of the hurt you are already dealing with.

However, I don’t see becoming single again as a bad thing. Yes, you are hurting because you are not with that person, but eventually, the hurt does go away. I see it as a time for you to get acquainted with yourself again because many times when you are in a relationship with the other person you lose yourself.

And yep, I said get acquainted with yourself again, because it is important to know yourself again before rushing into another relationship. It is important to take time to heal. This way when you do find that new special someone you will be bringing only yourself and not your emotional baggage from the previous relationship. Because I see so many people making that mistake bring their past into their present. All I am saying is when you’re exiting a relationship is not a death sentence it is a chance for a new beginning if you take your time and get there.

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