Couple’s Therapy ~ DMX and Tashera: Knowing When To Call It Quits

Okay, by now you should have all realized that I watch my share of reality shows on VH1. Don’t get me wrong, most are entertaining for the drama, but for me I watch it for more than the drama. I really just like watching to figure out what could possibly, be going on in your head to allow you to get on national television and act foolish. I think that is the therapist in me, I guess.

But anyway, I am not here to talk about me and my mental observation of people, I am here to touch bases on VH1’s Couples Therapy. I guess this show pulled me in for two reasons: one because I am presently in school to become a therapist, but mostly because of DMX and Tashera. The first episode had me hooked.

But my thing that I really kept pondering on with those two was ~ How much was too much to take in a relationship? Please don’t get it twisted I am all about working out marriages. I believe divorce should be the last resort, “but come on Tashera.” This man has told you he doesn’t want to stop sleeping around and his six kids outside of your marriage is proof enough he has no intentions of stopping his behavior. I know you left him, but maybe you should have stayed gone and away from this reality show. There is no point of getting false hopes over something that doesn’t he wants. I know you love him, but let go and I mean completely go. He can have a relationship with your kids, without having one with you. To be honest, I am hoping you did this show just for the money and nothing more.

Well, I guess I am about finish venting now, but I can’t stand to see a woman putting herself through unnecessary hurt. No woman should sit around continuing to get hurt, embarrassed, and humiliated, because of some man. It just makes no since to me, especially after the 20 something years that she has been going through this. Move on find someone else to live out the rest of your life, because you have wasted too much time on someone who obviously has no intentions of being faithful to you. Anyway I guess we will know by the end of the season just how this plays out and then I will blog on this again.

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