“The Trip” ~written to me by my husband Vaughn Cleary

“The Trip” ~written to me by my husband Vaughn Cleary

I woke up this morning to find this beautiful poem written by my husband to  me and posted on facebook. It is the little things that he do that means so much  to me. I appreciate everything he does and I thank God for having him in my  life. The picture is one of the sevetal gifts I have recieved in the last few  days. I am posting this picture, because it is the one he had posted with the  poem.

“The  Trip”

When  we first started this trip.

 I was kinda reluctant to go.

 Never really had  any roots.

 I just went where the wind decided to blow.

 Then you said come  go with me. … Lets take a little ride.

 Don’t know Exactly where  we’ll go.

 But we’ll know when we arrive.

The road was really rough at  first.

Didnt think the  car would last.

 We rode for many miles  sometimes

On a empty take of  gas.

Some days we race against the  world.

 And on others we let it cruise  by.

  I no longer care about where we’re  going.

As long as we enjoy our little  ride.

  Happy Valentines Day baby


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