Avoiding Christmas Holiday Stress!!!!!

 Avoiding Christmas Holiday Stress!!!!!

The Christmas Holidays can no doubt bring stress to a marriage. A lot of times it is unintentional, but it does rear its ugly head. This tends to happen when you are trying to satisfy the kids, entertain family and friends, make sure bills are taking care of, etc. During all of the hoopla the husband and wife sometimes miss each other. I am not talking about miss each other in gifts, but miss each other in time and communication. Arguments arise over small details that were missed by either one or both parties. As couple you must learn to take a minute from everything, then sit and take a breather together. Or else you may find yourself in an unnecessary shouting match, because everyone is stressed. Remember the whole point of Christmas is to celebrate love, because Christ loved us. In that celebration was must remember to show extra special love to the one who is closes a dearest to our heart. This means remembering to take a minute to love on each other, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. #IJS

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