“Ten Years Of Marriage and We Have Never Done It”(By Makeba G @ melisasource.com/)

“Ten Years Of Marriage and We Have Never Done It”(By Makeba G @ melisasource.com/)

It’s so hard to believe that next month my husband and I will be celebrating ten years of marriage! As I reflect on our years together, we have been through many ups and downs, and have experienced the joy of doing a lot of things together…….
…….but one thing that we have never done is formally celebrate our anniversary.
I know—sounds weird, right?! Well the truth is that between his schedule, my schedule, taking care of our four children and managing our household, we have never really had time to do something formal in acknowledgement of our special day. The day comes and goes and at most, we will give each other cards and exchange gifts, but beyond that, sadly we’ve always just been too busy.
So this year, since it is our “Big 10”, we both decided that we want things to be different and actually do something special together to celebrate. We have both gone above and beyond to clear our schedules on the weekend prior to our anniversary (since it falls on a Wednesday this year). We’ve even secured arrangements for someone to watch our children for the weekend. We are very excited, and we are very ready, but there is just one problem:
We have no clue what to do or where to go!
Since this is something we’ve never done before, we truly are at a loss for ideas! The only thing that we have ruled out so far (due to the lateness of scheduling) is a cruise or travel somewhere extravagant. Here is where I need your help.
What should we do to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary? All ideas are welcomed! 🙂:) Leave Your Suggestions @ DA Real Talk Facebook Page


Makeba G. holds a degree in communication and currently pursuing a degree in advanced technology. She is the owner and creator of http://www.melisasource.com, where you can find inspiration, motivation and empowerment. To find out more please visit her site. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. I am glad that you and your husband are celebrating the big 1-0! We have been celebrating our anniversary for the past 23 years. Some years we do big celebration and some years small. A nice thing to do is go to a local hotel with a nice restaurant in walking distance. Start off at the hotel with a luxurious bubble bath before hitting the town to walk around and do touristy things.

    The stereotypical champagne and strawberries is always nice. If you do not drink, your beverage of choice and a fruit or cheese platter is a nice indulgence. Take photos, not for social media, but for the two of you. Be sure to bring pretty undies and nighties so that you are a present for each other as well.

    I hope you have a wonderful anniverary celebration.

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