What You See Is What You Get!!!!! (repost from old site)

What You See Is What  You Get!!!!!

(repost from old  site)

I am dropping this post for those of  you who are about to get married, and those of you who have recently gotten  married (trying to figure out what is going on). This tidbit of information  should not apply to those of you who have been married for a while. I would hope  that at this point, in your marriage, that you have learned at least this much,  by now. However, if you have been married for a while and still have not learned  this please pay close attention, along with the engaged couples and the  newlyweds.

Many times people, some ladies and men  alike, have this notion that when they get married they are going to be able to  change a person. Now I know those of you that have already realized this  concept, are thinking to yourselves, isn’t that just common sense. Well, more  often than not people fail to realize this fact. They have it in their mind that  once they get married that they can make that person into the person you want  them to be. I am here to tell you that if you do not let that mindset go you  will be in a world of disappointment.

I cannot emphasize this point enough,  what you see is what you get. What they have displayed about themselves, before  marriage are who they really are. Trust  me when I say just like you have no intention of changing your ways, they have  no intention to changing theirs.

But wait; there is hope for them to  change. However, it won’t be because you changed them, it will be because they  wanted too, and God did it. But now that you know they can change asked yourself  do you really want to take that chance waiting on them to change. I said there  was hope, but I didn’t say it was a guarantee, so you have to make that a  personal decision, whether or not you want to chance it or  run.

All I am saying is think about it  wisely and don’t go into marriage with false hopes and expectations, about  trying to change someone. Just something to think about.

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