What is Your Spouse Saying About You?

What is Your Spouse Saying About You?

Well this weekend my husband and I attended a Pirate Birthday Party/ Wedding. It was sweet, because it was the groom’s birthday, but he decided to go ahead and marry his fiance, while they had both of thier famlies in town. So they suprised thier families. I enjoyed it.

However, what I enjoyed the most about the party was as I was sitting at the table when one of my husband’s associate came and had a word with me. He said he was glad to finally meet me. He had heard so many wonderful things about me. He said that my husband spoke very highly of me and wouldn’t trade me for the world.

Now, that said a lot to me. It first let me know he is thinking about me even when we aren’t together. It also let’s me know that he is very proud to have me as his wife. But most of all it let’s me know that he still love me and is still very crazy about me after all these years.

So , that brings me to this. What is your spouse/mate are saying about you when your not around? Hopefully, you are doing your part in the relationship so, that he or she is saying wonderful things about you. How you treat your spouse/mate can make or break your relationship. Let me hit you with this well known fact ~ If you are not doing your part at home people know, because your spouse/mate has mentioned it. Well while he or she was mentioning it, another woman or man was taking notes, trying to plan thier move to sneak into your spouse/ or mates ear to whisper they will do for them what your not doing. I’m Just Saying!!! So just make sure your doing your part to make sure your spouse.mate continues to have wonderful things to say about you.


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