“Major Dating Turnoffs” (repost from old site)

“Major Dating Turnoffs” (repost from old site)

by Miss Angel Davenport

We have all had it happen! Taking a sip thru your straw staring back this person like, “How in the world do I get out of here!!” Noticing a turnoff during a date can be very awkward and uncomfortable. Some of you may keep a mental note of it or you could be the type that politely points out what you’re not comfortable with (that’s me). During a recent poll on the blog, you were asked, “What is a major turnoff on a first date?” Most of you agree that a person (guy or girl) who may be rude to other people (ex: waiter, movie attendant, etc.) may be the biggest turnoff during a date. And this is true. Being offensive to others shows a lot about one’s character. Be especially wary of those who are rude to people perceived to be in subordinate roles. No matter how sweet an individual may seem at the moment, take the time to observe how they treat others around you. Not only will it show in the future but it shows how one is able to collaborate with others. Meaning communication between you and that person may be very difficult if they find themselves constantly in a higher power.


***Your value system and ethics need to be constant at all times regardless of who you are dealing with. ***

Dating *Blank Stare* Gives me the shakes thinking about it. We have lost touch the meaning of dating- getting to know one another- courting. Ladies, we have to do better. We have so many complaints about our men but if we required more, we’d simply get more. We have set this stigma to our good men, repetitively saying how far and few they come. So we settle for these selfish and irresponsible people, making it up in our mind, “Well, this is as good as it gets.” Better yourselves ladies. I believe you attract whatever energy you give off. If you always find yourself in a bad relationship or dating experience; reevaluate yourself. Your standards. We all have to learn, but if you’ve had a bad involvement, this shouldn’t continuously happen. Knowing yourself can lead to better dates and better men. I’m learning to0, but being single in the dating world-I’ve seen it all!! Trust me-I have a lot more to come. We are in this journey together- Bless

Single and Hopeful,

Angel Davenport ❤

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