“The Love Of My Life”

“The Love Of My Life”

(Happy Anniversay)


My Love ~Vaughn Cleary

I often times say that there is no such thing as fairy tale and in actuality there isn’t, well at least not what you see on television. However, I do believe that you can have your “Prince Charming.” You have to not try to change your man, and both of you learn to grow together. It is not an instant overnight process. It is a growing pains and trial & error type situation. If you can both stick it out, and make the most out of all the good times, your relationship will come to close to fairy tale as possible.

Today I celebrate 14 years of being married to the love of my life. Everyday hasn’t been Sunny, but the good has always outweighed the bad. Our love has grown stronger over these years, by realizing neither one of us is perfect and learning to grow together, instead of apart. He is my biggest fan and strongest supporter, as well as I am his. I take everything that we have been through not as a negative, but as a life lesson. I thank God so much for him. He may not be perfect to everyone else, but he is perfect to me because I know God made him especially for me!!!! I love you Vaughn Cleary more then you will ever know. Happy Anniversary!!!


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