“Take It Outside the Bedroom”

“Take It Outside the Bedroom” (Repost from old site)

My thought for today is to take it outside the bedroom. A lot of times, especially after marriage we noticed that our sex life becomes like a game of chess. We seem to reach a stalemate. It usually has nothing to do with the lack of love in the relationship, in most cases (there are some though). The problem is most couples become consumed by everyday life such as work, kids, bills, etc. Many times they don’t mean to intentionally let the flames of passion burnout, most just become exhausted from everything else. So how can you rekindle the flames you ask? My answer to you is to take it outside the bedroom.
It is important for you as a couple to take the passion outside of your normal environment. This helps not only get you away from your life stressors, but it helps get you out of routine. Routine can lead to boredom for both parties, and that is not healthy, for the relationship overall.
A quick suggestion is to get a room. You don’t have to go out of town to get a room, just go get one. Being outside your bedroom and home can make a world of difference in the sex life. Plus if you can think of other creative ways or places to heat it up, that don’t include your bedroom, utilize it. The goal is just to keep the passion burning.
So if you are one of those people who seem to have reached a stalemate, don’t just throw in the game. Strategize trick plays of the board to heat it back up. That way, in the end, you and your mate both can yell “CHECKMATE.”

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