Should You Date Your Best Guy Friend?

Should You Date Your Best Guy Friend?

Okay, I have recently talked to someone who explained to me that she has recently feel in love with her best guy friend. They have been friends for over 18 years. Nothing more and nothing less. However she explained that she has started to look at him differently, lately. She is now in her mid 30’s and really is thinking about marriage and having kids, etc. He in her eyes is everything that should could possibly want in a potential husband. He seems to be feeling her as well. Neither one is in a relationship at the moment or been in a serious relationship for a while. Neither has any kids and both are career oriented. I guess you are now asking: What is the problem? Well the problem is she has been friends with him so long, she can’t imagine him not being in her life.  She scared that if it doesn’t work out then, they would be no more.

I understand her fear, but I think she maybe should consider giving it a shot, before he falls for someone else. He has already made the comment “that if he was to chose a wife she would be perfect for him.” That within itself let me know that he is feeling her too. Not to mention that he does things for her that you would only expect a boyfriend or a husand to do.

Ladies, I know sometimes it can be scary to cross that line from friendship to something more, but think of it this way. When you get married you want your husband to be your best friend. If he was your friend for years, that means you have probably already let your gaurd down more in front of him, then you have ever did with any boyfriend. When you are with your friends you are spending less time trying to impress and more time being yourself. And that goes the same vice versa, meaning you all know each other already. If you already are friends, then something evidently attracted you to each other in the first place. Plus, I think their age plays a major part, in it being okay to date your friend. I think well at least by knowing her that she is mentally mature enough to handle it, but I think he is too.

So ladies what do you think, because she ask me to post about it on the blog, so she can get other people’s feedback. Do you think she should cross the line or remain friends? Leave your comments on the Da Real Talk Facebook page. She will be reading what you have to say. I can’t wait to see what you say as well.

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