“Emotions All Under Control”(repost from old site) By Mrs. C

“Emotions All Under Control”(repost from old site) By Mrs. C

Psychologically emotions can be broken down in several categories and we may process and deal with emotions and feelings differently. Emotional expression toward the other can affect our relationships being positive and healthy or negative and unhealthy. Emotions can sometimes be hard to detect. What emotions are you feeling, whether it is regarding self or in a relationship this could be quite uncomfortable in dealing with negative emotions and reactions if others. Another question you can ask is my relationship healthy or unhealthy?

Healthy relationship usually offers emotional stability. It is also rewarding and refreshing leaving both individuals to feel whole. You see growth , feel a sense of accomplishment, freedom, and self worth.
Unhealthy relationships can sometimes lead to negative emotions, abuse, opinions, lack of respect and criticism. Look, guys you can never compromise in an uncompromising situation. Don’t argue, and lose yourself. First, analyze yourself and in analyzing yourself be honest. Take that mirror and microscope and look deep inside. Second, depending on the severity of the situation establish a realistic plan that works in handling the things that make the relationship unhealthy. Third, make sure that you have a positive support system or unit whether it spiritual counselors, professional counselors, or advisors.
“Let me break it down and just put it out there.” We all want to be in a relationship and sometimes we may hook up with the wrong individual and later within the relationship, due to the cycle experiences we learn there are certain things we did not know about the other. There may be habits the other person has that goes all over you and we just cannot see pass them. In your marriage you remember for better or for worst. In a dating game you might just say, “The Heck with This.” Regardless we all have to be respectful, trustworthy, and be good stewards in relating to others. No one is perfect and the lives we lead are not perfect. “Step over that pair of pants he left in the middle of the floor do not be so quick to complain.” Because believe me women there are things that we do he looks over. If you cannot get over the negative feeling seek positive solutions for all parties involved. On a healthy note when two people can come together and communicate, respect, and trust one another they can move mountains. It is not going to be peaches and cream all the time but, in a healthy relationship the couple works hard together to come to a solution.
In experiencing certain situation and emotions we have to be our own cheerleaders. Don’t be so quick to point the finger and speculate concerning others because when you react hastily you stand a chance of being wrong, and may possibly result in a negative and unhealthy outcome. Just relaxed don’t worry and remain calm find ways to channel your energy in a positive manner.
Mrs. C.
I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye. Psalm 32:8


Mrs. C holds a degree in art and psychology and is currently pursuing her Masters.  She is presently working an educator, because of her passion to work with students and their families.  She believes her Christian faith and her family keeps her grounded, in pursuing her dreams. She is currently a blogger for http://www.darealtalk.com, and always has plenty to say.

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