Strange!!!! When He Doesn’t Want It!!!!

Strange!!!! When He Doesn’t Want It!!!!

Okay, I read something that I thought was interesting today on the Oraph Winfrey website. Now I know that a relationship is not all about the sex, but sex does help to enhance closeness. The article caught my eye, because I read something that seems like a rarity. I mean it may be more prevalent them I realize, I guess I have to do some farther research. In the article the woman was saying that right before they got married the husband had already become disinterested in sex, so she was asking the doctor for advice. It was strange to me, because I could see it slowing down after you get married, especially with work and kids. However, I seen it as kind of a strange thing to happen before you add the responsibility of family. I mean I guess he could genuinely be disinterested in sex, but could it be something more? Could he have become overly consumed with work already and just be tired. I mean maybe he is having a hard time physically in that area, but the article stated he was in his late 20’s.  It could be a strong possibility that he is getting it from somewhere else. She claims she has done thing to try to entice him, but he still seems disinterested. It’s just interesting.

I did agree with the Doctor’s advice, about talking to him and letting him know how she feels. However, I guess my next question if I was answering her question would be exactly how much has the sex dropped off, because that could be an indication of whether he is just tired or is he seeing some else. It was just strange. I don’t know. It could just be me reading more into it, because I know everybody’s sex life is on a different level. I would love to hear from you all on the subject though.

I just wanted to add this tidbit of info, because I know someone reading this article and take a simple statement and run with it. I made the statement about the people having sex before marriage. No, I am not promoting sex before marriage at all, so please don’t question my values. I am a realist though and I know that people do and that is just reality. In my line of work, I am going to meet all different people with all different issues. I am not here to judge or look down on people, because I remember I wasn’t always saved and I did things in my past that I am not so proud of. I am human and by far from perfect. I am just here to help people. I just wanted to say that, because I know some people look for anything to gossip about, shameful but tru

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