“What Chilli Wants Syndrome”

“What Chilli Wants Syndrome”

Okay, I was watching the season finale of What Chilli Wants, season 2. I know I am really late on watching it, but hey I eventually get around to watching shows.  What caught my attention though was that she was really feeling that guy, Lasse. She was completely different from season one, seem she was a lot less picky. I was impressed, because in season 1 seems like her expectations was over the top. However, by the season finale of season 2 seem like she was a little more sensible in her expectations. I am glad to see her mentally change some, in that regards, even if it was for the television cameras. I know couple of women who refuse to change their mind and continue to have these over the top expectations, so this brings me to today’s blog topic the “What Chilli Wants Syndrome.”

Most of us know at least one person that has it. The “What Chilli Wants Syndrome” is when a woman or man’s expectations for finding a mate is extremely too high. No, No, No, MzGaPeachy is saying settle for anything and anyone, but I am saying set your standards to a reasonable level. Understand that there is no perfect person. Hey you’re not perfect. I know you don’t want to hear it, but it is true.

Don’t have these over the top expectations or you will be greatly disappointed every time. You will jump from relationship to relationship, looking for perfection and will not find it. The way I see if the person has most of the qualities you want, and then don’t blow them off when they lack something else. I often times say if there is no cheating or beating, other issues can be worked around. Just give it a chance, you might find a jewel. Or you don’t have to give it a chance and continue have over the top expectations.  However, 9 times out of 10 you will continue to be single. Just something to think about.

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