“A Lady in Da Streets” (repost from old site)


“A Lady in Da Streets” (repost from old site)

One of the famous quotes of men is “A lady in the street and a freak in the bed.” Some women spending a lot of time looking for passion and lovemaking in the bedroom, while some men on the other hand looking for a woman to release her wild side. The question is can there be a happy medium in the bedroom. I believe so. The thing has to do with the comfort level a person carries in the bedroom. Women have been taught so much to act like a lady, a lot of times she feels self-conscience when she steps in the bedroom. She can however move pass feeling self-conscience, with the trust and love of her man. He has to ensure her that he will think no less of her when they step out of the bedroom. The passion that a woman feels during lovemaking can also be felt during wild sex. That is if she knows that her man truly loves her and she truly loves him. True love allows you to be able to look pass the romance novel imagine of love making and allow you to be able to expand your horizons. A lot of time women want passionate lovemaking; because she is looking to secure a feeling of love she is questioning herself about. Guys don’t get it twisted either. Once you prove to your woman how much you love her, and she loosens up and starts to having the wild sex with you, make sure that is not all you give her. She still needs the passionate love making sessions added in. That is what allows her to come back and give you the best wild sex of your life. A woman is always more loose when she is feeling loved. Men you have to be willing to look pass your image of that porn star too. Many times you are so much caught up in the image of the porn star sex you forget the passion a relationship needs to survive. Women, a man is kept very happy when he knows he can come home after a long day of work and have some freaky sex. There is no need to try to go elsewhere to find what he is getting from you. Men keep the passion so she doesn’t go to the next man to find it. At the end of the day compromise makes everyone happy. So women answer the door for your man in nothing but stilettos and men bring home the flowers so the passionate wild sex can begin.
Song of the Day : Boyz II Men ~ I’ll make Love To You

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