Taboo in the Bedroom!!! (repost from old blog)


Taboo in the Bedroom!!! (repost from old blog)

This is going to be quick post. I received an email wanting my opinion about  what is taboo in the bedroom for sex between a husband and wife. Well, first let  me thank you for asking the question? I don’t make it a habit to answer an email  in a blog post, because I like to answer questions back through emails, since  every one’s individual situations varies. However, there are occasions where I  will answer emails to general questions like this one, in the blog, if I feel it  may help others.
Now to answer your questions the only thing I see as  taboo in a husband and wife’s sex life is putting another person in the mix. If  that offended anyone, I am sorry but that is my belief, so do with it what you  please. People don’t change their beliefs for me and I don’t change mine for  others. #IJS Plus adding another person can cause a whole other set of  complications. Now as far as everything else goes, what goes on behind close  doors between two spouses is there business. God created sexual feelings not  only for procreation, but for husbands and wives to enjoy each other. I feel as  long as both of you are comfortable with it, then do what you do. Hey don’t be  afraid to experiment with somethings either, because you never know what you  might enjoy. #IJS

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