Coping With a Child’s Medical Issues (as a couple)


Coping With a Child’s Medical Issues (as a couple)

From the time you find out your pregnant, most mommy’s and daddy’s begin to imagine in thier head about thier child’s future. You never imagine you child having issues of any kind, because you only want the best for that child. However, sometimes a child is born with medical issues or medical issues develop later down the line. This is a hard pill to swallow, because we never want anything to be harmful to our child. As a mother or a father we just want our child to be protected. If this does pop up, then you find yourself wondering how you (and/or your mate) are going to cope. This is true even when the condition is not life threating, but just life long.

I say you need each other more then ever. Both of are dealing with the pain of this issue in his or her own way. As a women a lot of times we may cry and our men may not. It doesn’t mean that they are not worried or it is not bothering them. This just means they are wired a different way and cope totally different. I can also tell you that their hurt most of the time runs as deep as yours. However, since our thinking isn’t so rational at times like these just because we don’t see them cry we sometimes assume that we are going through it a lone, but it’s not true.

You have to get together and talk about. You have to let each other know that no matter what you are thier to support each other and carry each other through. You are each other’s strong support system, because you have to be strong for that child. That child should be your main focus, but not so much to forget about each other.

I am going to end this here, because I am just rambling on. My husband and I are dealing with an issue now, with one of our twins.  Don’t worry his condition is not life threatening, just life long and adjusting. He probably won’t be phased much, because with him being so young he will just naturely adjust. He is a strong willed and determined little boy, with a lot of fight in him. He is going to grow up and be someone great.

However on the parent home front, after the intial reaction, my husband and I will over come this. We have come through a lot together, because we have had experience with all our kids being born preemies ( from my health issues) and the death of our son (And having to bury him), we have learned all of this stuff that I noted up top. We have learned to have each others back. He is strong where I am weak and vice versa. I just wanted to post this hoping that maybe, it will help some other couple that may have been going through medical issues with thier kids. I want them to know not to let it drive a wedge between, but become closer because you need each other.

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