Don’t Talk to Everyone!!


Don’t Talk to Everyone!!

This post is quick and to the point. Ladies as well as gentlemen, but ladies more because we feel the need to talk out our problems. I just want to say stop telling everyone when you and your man are having problems. I know we have a natural tendency to want to let it out, but we have to realize that a lot of times this does more harm then good. Why you ask:

1.) You don’t know who is interested in your mate- Everybody who say they your friend are not and as soon as you and your mate are having problems, they use information you said against you.

2.) People just love to gossip- So if you are telling your buisness your better believe people are talking. This may also comeback to hunt you in the end.

3.) A lot of times troubles don’t last always. They are just for the moment- So if you go around getting everyone mad at your mate, just because you are that is not good because when you forgive them others might not be so quick to forgive them. Now you have created awkward situations when you all get together.

If you just have to talk make sure this person has always is trustworthy and someone that you know has alway had your best interest at heart. Make sure you know the person well and make sure they are not a person that is judgemental.

I say see a therapist. Going to a therapist doesn’t always mean your crazy, as stigma has labeled it. This is just a way to talk out your situations and get a different perspective on it. #IJS

But most importantly just watch who you talking your personal buisness with.

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