Letting Go Is Hard to Do!!! (after watching LaLa’s Full Court Life)


Letting Go Is Hard to Do!!! (after watching LaLa’s Full Court Life)

Okay, thanks to the power of technology I am glad that I no longer have to miss my shows, because I can DVR them. So this morning I got up and watched LaLa’s Full Court Life, but the scene where Trina, LaLa, and LaLa’s mom was sitting in the resturant kind of disturbed me. I seen Trina in a new light and maybe that was the therapist in me. I don’t know, but the way she seemed to not want to let go of Kenyon Martin after 9 months of being apart was just heart breaking. I have seen it so many times in both women and men alike, but to see the human side of a celebrity just made it hit home even more that I chose the right field of work for me.

Now mind you upon some research I found I they had been together for a while, but I really don’t know how good of a ground that relationship started on since articles are saying that he was still married. I don’t know whether or not Kenyon and his wife were in the process of getting a divorce, but either way that gave the relationship a rocky start.

However, I am not here to talk about that aspect this time, but I want to talk about letting a person go. This is one of those easier said than done situation, but if a person doesn’t want to be with you then there is nothing that you can do about it, except accept it and move on. I often times say that you cannot make anyone love you. They either do or they don’t and it is as simple as that. I know that it is hurtful process, but if you don’t let go you can do more damage than good to yourself. When you don’t let go you are giving that person the power over you and that should not be so. The power that you are allowing them to have over you, they do not deserve. You should be using that power to move forward and find someone better. And let’s take into account that you do find someone that loves you, you may miss out on the best thing that could have happened to you, because you hung up on someone that cares nothing about you. So my advice is begun to heal yourself, by distancing yourself from the situation so that you can begin to look at it from a different perspective. The longer you try to stay connected the longer the process will take. Find you an outlet, so that you can use that energy that you spend worrying about them on something more productive. You are the most important person in your life, because without you taking care of yourself you are no good to anyone else anyway. #IJS Oh yeah, I was glad at the end that she agreed to go on the date. I don’t know if anything came from it, but the fact that she went was a start.

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