Still Enjoying Each Other (our date night)!!

Still Enjoying Each Other (our date night)!!

I think the best thing in the world is your mate surprises you, especially after you have had a long day. My husband called me on his way home yesterday and stated he was taking me to a game last night. I was tired and really didn’t want to go, but you never turn down a date with your mate, because you have to live every moment together like it is your last.  Well anyway we spent the 25 minute ride to the game just talking and conversing. I enjoyed that so much, because I was finally able to tell him about my first week back to school without us falling asleep on each other or the kids interrupting my every word. For those of you with kids know how that goes and then by the time the house calms down you two are falling to sleep on each other. This is why I often say that date nights are important, because normal life can cause accidental disconnects from each other. I will say that he listen attentively and commented appropriately, and the conversation was refreshing. I will also say that when we got to the game I enjoyed myself. He was hugging up on me like we were still in high school and it felt good. After the game we went out for frozen yogurt, but don’t tell my kids LOL because they would have a fit. Finally we took the long way home and the night ended with a blast. I don’t usually share dates on here, but I am still riding off of last night’s high. We didn’t have to go out on some fancy elaborate date to have fun, but that just goes to show it does not take a lot for you to have an amazing date with your mate. Just the fact that we were together meant the world to me. If you read this blog today Baby, thank you for everything because you made my week.  And yes he does read them, LOL.

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