You Better Check Him!!!!

You Better Check Him!!!!

I had no intention of blogging today, but I saw an incident today that called for a blog. A female (I will call her A-female seen another female (I will call her B-female) standing up talking to her friend. A-female pulled the car into the parking lot and approached B-female about messing around with her man. Well B-female said that she did not know who A-female was and had not seen her before in her life. A-female was going off and B-female kept trying to ask A-female who her man was. After A-female eventually calms down long enough to say the dude name then, B-female told her that he had said he was single and told her she needed to go check with him.

Now, I am going to say this and I know some people will get mad, but B-female cannot be held accountable for this situation. The only way you can hold B-female accountable if she knew that the guy already had someone that he was with. This girl was standing up there totally clueless and had no idea who A-female was. So, therefore, it was the man that A-female needed to be checking, because was the one out there doing all the lying and cheating. Plus B-female said she wasn’t even from here, she was transferred here by the military and met the guy, at the club. It is one thing if you knew each other or of each other, but that was not the case. So weigh in on Facebook and let me know what you think.

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