Missing In Action!!!!!

Missing In Action!!!!!

Yesterday one of my cuzzos (Lisa) asked hypothetical questions on Facebook and her questions were: What would you do or say if your wife or husband; girlfriend or boyfriend, went MIA for four and a half days? Would you ask questions? Ask them to get out? Or take them back in as nothing happened? Well you know me for a question like that I had to weigh in and give my two cents. I responded saying that they had better be in a coma or very close to it. But truth is if they really love you they are not going to disappear on you 4 days and you know nothing about where they went. My hubby and I try to make sure we always tell each other where we are going, because if God forbid one of us was injured, kidnap, or even killed, we need for someone to have somewhere to start the search. That is just common sense.

There is no excuse for being gone all day , let alone 4 days, unless they told you they had to go somewhere for their job or have a trip planned with their friends. However even then you should have known about that in advance and they should still contact you in between time to let you know that they are alright.

That goes back to yesterday “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” They would not want you to disappear 4 days and not saying anything and if you did leave for 4 days and they did not say anything or get mad, then that means they don’t care. That’s just being real.

People going MIA creates trust issues and if they are gone that long without a reasonable explanation those trust issues are 100% validated. And now you will be looking and questioning every time they leave out of your sight.  No trust in a relationship is not healthy, but I am going to leave that one alone though, because that is a whole other blog post within itself.

There is no way to justify being gone that long, without an excellent  reason, unless you a secret government agent and even they are going to make up some kind of excuse why they leaving for four days.  I am just saying. So readers, let me hear from you on Facebook, how would you handle that situation?

The song of the day is Mary J. Blige: Not Gon Cry (because this would be one of those moment that I would exhale after I put they stuff out the door.)

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