Da Real Talk Challenge: My Personal Journey to Accomplshing my Goals

Da Real Talk Challenge: My Personal Journey to Accomplshing my Goals

Da Real Talk Challenge ~ Today, Da Real Talk challenges you to start trying to work towards accomplishing one goal that you ever wanted to accomplish, in life. If you accomplish that one, then you will realize God has already given you the power and ability to accomplish the rest, if you only just believe, in yourself!!!! Don’t ever limit your potential, because with God you are limitless.

I am going to share my personal experience on accomplishing one of my goals that started me on the drive to want to continue on and accomplish more. The first goal that I set out to accomplish for myself is obtaining my BA., in psychology.

I had longed to go back to school for years, but it keep seeming that obstacles kept coming up and I keep getting discouraged. I had even actually started back, but my heart was not completely in it, because I had personal issues going on. Well after working a couple of jobs, where I knew I my intelligence level was way smarter then my supervisor and my skill level was to high I decided to go on back to school. Not bragging, but you must always think highly of yourself, even if no one else doesn’t.

It was not going to be any easy challenge either, because I was married and with four kids, and my twins just happen to be babies when I started back. Yet, I wanted to go back to school. My husband said it was the perfect itme, because I wasn’t working.

Now, I am going to say my sister, because I really don’t like using that sister-in-law (family becomes one through marriage), Sheka, introduced me to the University of Phoenix. Mind you I was a little skeptical at first about the whole online schooling, but I thought to myself “Hey do you really have a couple of more years to waste, until the twins got old enough for you to get back in a traditional class room?” So I decided to go head and give it a try anyway, because I only needed a couple of more years to graduate anyway.

This started my goal to my second challenge, because anyone who has been to school online knows you have to be super discipline. I tell you with kids, being discipline to do online classes is a challenge. I had to schedule and routine myself for setting up times to do school work, cater to my husband, and take care of my kids. Let’s just say I suffered from a lack of sleep. It did not stop me though, I kept pushing on. Thank God for a wonderful husband, wonderful parents, wonderful siblings, and my bestie Kim Candler  who kept me encouraged. However, let me tell you that still wasn’t enough, I had to go directly to God for self encouragment and encouragment from the Holy Spirit.

At the beginning, of this year when I was so nearing the graduation date. My dad (My Husband’s Dad) passed away and then my maternal grandfather passed away. That on top of just regular life issues, begin to weigh on me hard. My family and bestie kept on encouraging me. It got so bad that I had an anxiety attack (I thought I was having a heart attack) and I was about to walk away from doing the actual commencement ceremony. It was so bad my twins had even wrecked our van, and seem like things kept happening. I had to really go to God then and continue to encourage myself even more.

Well, I made it to that ceremony. I walked acrossed that stage. It was the best feeling in the world.  I graduated with a 3.5 GPA which was good considering all the obstacles I had been going through. I knew then I wanted to start to accomplish everything a set my mind on.

For at example “Da Real Talk” is my baby. This is my company that I am working from the ground up. This has not only has to do with relationships, but life. I chose the rose, because God visioned it to me as showing the beauty of a woman. It will eventaully venture into a lot of direction from books, to clothes, to non profit organizations, etc. the directions are limitless. Hence the slogan “Venturing into Whatever Direction God Allows” me to go next.

See, now I have realized that I can accomplish goals, so I am working on two goals. The other is getting my Masters Degree in Professional Counseling. It is in a traditional classroom now, because the twins are in headstart.These two goals will have me busy for the next  couple of years, but with God and my supporting cast I have around me I will accomplish these goals also. And eventaully my ultimate goal of obtaining my PH D.

With all that being said, please don’t overload yourself with goals, because you can become discourage. My father once told me “that discouragment was the devil’s biggest weapon and it is very deadly, if you allow it to be.” So try to build up your accomplishments, by completing one goal first and then continuing on to more. Thanks for taking the time to read  my goal accomplishing journey. Now, get up and start towards yours.

Today’s song is by R. Kelly : I Believe I Can Fly


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