Just A Thought

Just A Thought

I so enjoy waking up in the morning and looking at my husband and realizing  that I grow so much more in love with him every day. I am not saying that we don’t have our problems, because we do. Everybody does, it is how you learn to deal with them that sets your marriage apart. I have noticed that over the year’s disagreements come less and less. I will say 90% of the time we tend to agree, but there is that little 10% where we don’t. However, I feel those 10% allows the sparks to still fly in a relationship and allows you to stay on your toes. It also means that we are still individuals and our own person. I know the first few years, after the honeymoon period, can sometimes get rough, especially as you are learning more and more about the person, but if you hang in there sometimes things will get better. Marriage has to be worked at and doesn’t come easy by any means, but it can be worth it. As I always say as long as there is no cheating and beating everything else can be worked out, if both parties want them too. Just a thought for today.

Song for Today!!! (via youtube)





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