Cheating: Can You Forgive?

Cheating: Can You Forgive?

Okay, in the spirit of the cheating topic.  My next question is how many of you can forgive your mate for cheating? Now, this is one of those really tricky topics, because each situation is different, and each situation has different factors to consider (kids, finances, etc.). If you haven’t actually been in the situation, then it probably would be easy for you to say just walk away.  However, in reality that is always easier said than done. Forgiveness is often times hard, because we are hurt and trust has been broken and violated. Now forgiveness can be achieved if both parties work at it. It often times is a long difficult road, because even though we say that we forgive do we actually ever forget?

I will tell you this if you do forgive them, you have to really forgive them and not throw it up in their face every chance you get. If you want it to work and they want it to work you have to let it go. Of if you can’t let it go then you need to move on, because this is only going to create a miserable situation. However, if you do decide to stay and try to work it out then, your forgiveness of them is really not about benefitting them, but benefitting yourself. Think of it this way, by letting it go you are doing it for you, because  there is no point in continuing to have your heart breaking over and over again every time you imagine them being with someone else. Letting go is where the healing, begins.

Now with all that being said whatever you do please make sure that person wants to work it out with you. Never be a fool and continue to let someone sit there a cheat on you over and over again, and you forgive them over and over again. People will do dirt and mistreat you, as long as you allow them too. If they don’t work hard to gain your trust back after the first time, then evidently they don’t care about you and just care about themselves. That is just common sense. My advice if they are not working toward the relationship like you are is to get up and run the other way quickly, because the heartache is just not worth it.


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