The Advice From a Couple (Married for 45 years)

I love to see couples when they have that new love. The one where couples see each other and their hearts go to fluttering and the times between seeing each other seems like days instead of hours and hours instead of minutes. However, what makes me even happier is to see couples that have been together for a long time act that way. These days those are rare findings, but they are out there. Sometimes to keep the love that way or get the love back that way we have to start it and not wait for our mates to start it. This just crossed my mind, because I was watching this older couple in the store and they seemed so youthful with each other. I didn’t ask there age, but I did ask how long they had been married. The answer was 45 years, but the way they were acting one would have thought that they had just started dating. I told them that I wrote a relationship blog and ask them if they would mind telling my readers how they keep it so fresh. The man says, that he treats his wife the same way that he did the first time he took her out on courtship (a date for you younger generation, LOL). She said she treats him like the king he is. Well after 3 kids and 7 grands, the love is still stronger then ever. I am going to end this like this. I love it!!!


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