It’s Communication Time Again!!!

It’s Communication Time Again!!!

I know I talk a lot on communication in relationships, but that is only because I whole hardly believe communication is key. Lack of communication can kill a relationship whether it be marriage, dating, friendship, parenting, etc. Communication is a necessacity and it is key to understanding each other and that is why I stress it so much. I know a lot of times we shut-up to avoid confrontation, but after everyone has had a chance to cool down, you have to come back together and talk about the issue and not just push it under the rug. That is not going to solve anything. The only thing that is going to do is build up walls, cause you to be disgruntal, and promotes trust issues. you have to learn communication techniques, and there are no set in stone rukes for communication techniques. Everyone is different, so each couple has to find out what works best for them. Just try working with different communication techiques.

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