“How Do They See You?”

“How Do They See You?”

Ladies, you are beautiful beings. No matter what shape, color or size. You are beautiful because God made you. You should always carry yourself like you appreciate that he made you. I have been doing some research and asking questions. The one thing that came from the guys is they treat females the way they portray themselves. I know we are living in a time of women’s rights and we feel liberated, but some men can be just as sexes today as they were 50 years ago. That is why it is so important to carry yourself like a lady even though we do feel liberated. You may not agree with this, but I thought I would share what they were saying. If you carry yourself like a lady they treat you as such, you carry yourself like a gold digger they treat you as such and last if you carry your self like, well you know what I was about to say. Anyway, that is how they will treat you. This is just food for thought.

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