“It’s Human Nature” (feed back to “Do We Know Who We Are Alone?”)

“It’s Human Nature” (feed back to “Do We Know Who We Are Alone?”)

You asked a very good question there “Do We Know Who We Are?”   The way I see it, a lot of people identify themselves by the career choice that they picked. You can say that these people think that their career is their life and don’t really need a significant other. But deep inside they long to have someone to share their life with.  It’s human nature to just have this desire to have a mate by their side not just for physical pleasure but also for emotional and spiritual companionship. Others use their family to define themselves and others use sport. I guess it’s different for each individual but it is always almost by choice. If they want to do more to define themselves then they need to have the desire and the will power to find their true self. it’s not going to happen if you just sit around and complaining about how your life “suck” so to speak, instead get up to go after and achieve the life that you want.  Don’t always depend on others around and don’t think that your significant other will always be there because God might call them home early or they leave you because they weren’t the one for you.  I’m not saying that give up on finding your soul mate, just have patients they will show up sooner or later or even met them and didn’t realize because you are so busy looking for “the” perfect one ( no one is perfect but Jesus). Your mate is supposed to help complete you and vice versa, this is a topic for another time. Anyways there are so many different answer to this question “do we know who we are alone” and “what can we do to learn who we alone.”

“The Mediator”

The Mediator is a wife and the mother of two toddlers.. She will be soon returning to school, for a degree in nursing. She has a very strong Christian faith and believes that you put God first you can accomplish anything.

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