“You Can’t Make Them Love You”

“You Can’t Make Them Love You”

Well I got am email from a reader stating that she and her mate was having problems. Okay I guess you are asking yourself isn’t that the whole purpose of the blog site.  Yes it is.  However, this is one of those I feel I have to touch on for the general population. The email stated that she was hurting and heart was broken, because the man she loved said he did not want to be with her anymore. She also told me she did everything she knew how to do in order to keep him happy. She was asking if I had any suggestion. Well my answer I know is not one of those she probably wanted to hear, but it is the one I gave.  I told her if he didn’t want to be there let him go. It is not worth the time or the effort, because in the end the outcome is still going to be the same. You cannot make someone love you, who doesn’t love you and doesn’t want to be there. If you do happen to have kept them around, 9 times out of 10 you are going to be miserable. Because if they are not happy being there, trust in believe they are not going to try and do anything to make you happy. They feel if they have to suffer by being there, they are going to make you suffer for keeping them there. I know it is easier said than done, but sometimes in order for you to find the person that God has for you, you have to let the one that he doesn’t go. That is just something to think about, because if you have to emotionally hurt, it is better to do it by yourself then to have someone their intentionally inflicting you with more emotional pain. Please keep that in mind. You should never accept less, to keep from being alone.

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