Why We Should Get Our Sex On!!!! (I”M JUST SAYING)

Well Thursday I went to a doctor’s appointment with the hubby and you know how we all do pick up a magazine that looks like it could have an interesting article, to read, that will help us kill time. I just happen to run across an Ebony magazine that was talking about sex and why it is a good thing. Now I am going to share with you some of the reasons that the magazine stated that sex is beneficial.  The magazine stated that sex is an exercise. The only exercise that most people truly enjoy. The magazine also stated that it helps lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, and helps you get good sleep . Next time you get stressed out, can’t sleep, get anxious put down the xanax or any other medication that you may be taking to help your problem, and take a dose of your spouse. The last thing that it stated is that having sex at least twice a week helps to keep men heart healthy. Now ladies for those of you that do your job and look after your man’s well being, should make sure this part of your regime. It is okay to add more then the recommended 2 doses a week also, the more the better. Hey the way I see it, if it is going to keep you and your spouse healthy and youthful then by all means get your sex on. A lot of us jump on these health kick bandwagons anyway, so we might as well jump on that one too. I personally think that sex is very important in a relationship. If your starting to get offended don’t, just because I didn’t mention love that doesn’t mean I forgot it or think it is not important. So, I guess for those of you who still have a sex phobia, I will say it this way: LOVE defines a healthy relationship, but SEX enhances it. Feel better now. Anyway for those of you who enjoy sex and don’t have a sex phobia get your sex on , because the life you save might just be your own.  I’m just saying!!!!

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