Let the Good Outweigh the Bad!!!!

Let the Good Outweigh the Bad!!!!

I love being married to my husband. I am not saying that our marriage is perfect, but it is perfect to him and me. You take two imperfect people and make happiness, because you learn to spend more time looking at what they do right and less time looking at what they do wrong. For example my hubby knows how to be so sweet at times. It is like he always knows if something is wrong with me even when he is not here. He called me today exactly when I needed him, because I was in a period funk. And guess what? He says he is going to bring me chocolate home. Now don’t get it wrong, he does things that sometimes make me mad as well as. However if I think more about all the sweet stuff that he does for me then the good always outweigh the bad. We have to stop spending so much time concentrating on the negatives and learn how to find the positives. As I often say as long as no one is cheating or beating, then the rest of the stuff you can make it through, but that works only if you let the good outweigh the bad. I’m just saying that is just something to think about if you find yourself getting mad at your mate. Always try to look for their good……..Update he just walked through the door with six packs of regular size Reese cups candy. Yeah he knows what I like. He also brought some dinner home for us to celebrate (Japanese shrimp and steak).  See these are the things that mean the most to me, not what he brought but the thought he put behind it.

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