How Jealous is to Jealous? (I’m Just Saying)

How Jealous is to Jealous? (I’m Just Saying)

Let’s admit it, we all have a tendancy to get jealous at some point in a relationship. In some cases that person gives you a reason to be jealous, but what about those cases where it really isn’t thier fault. I guess my question is : How jealous is to jealous? I noticed that people who come out of relationshps where they have been cheated on tend to be a lot more jealous. I think people who do that need to be very careful that you are not pulling you past relationships into your now relationship. It is not healthy for you psychologically, it’s not healthy for your mate, or your relationship. In many cases jealousy is unwarranted, and comes up out of insecurties that your new mate will cheat, because your old mate did. Please be careful and don’t try to clump the two relationships in the same catagory. When you become over jealous you just may end up pushing that person away and maybe even into some elses arms. They may have had no intentions of going to someone else, but their mindset becomes he or she is going to accuse me of doing it anyway, so I might as well do it. Nope, I am not saying that justifies cheating, but what I am saying is that it does happen. All I want to show is that if you are displaying a jealous spirit make sure that the person has did something to deserve it, and not just because of what someone from your past did. #IJS

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