“Don’t Hate It!!! Learn to Enjoy It!!! SEX”

“Don’t Hate It!!! Learn to Enjoy It!!! SEX”

(repost from old site)

Okay Ladies,

I over heard a  conversation from a couple of women that really caught my attention. No, I was  not being nosey they were just talking out loud, LMBO. One was talking about  feeling self conscience about sex with her husband. From what I gathered, it had  nothing to do with her husband but her upbringing. Basically it seems as if she  was taught sex was for keeping the hubby happy and making babies.Well ladies, do  you want to know what I think about that. I think it is “NONSENSE”. Sex needs to  be enjoyed by the woman as well as a man. She shouldn’t feel conformed to some  prehistoric caveman notion about sex. Women have just as much right to be freaky  and enjoy sex as much as their husbands. And if she is not allowing herself to  enjoy sex to the fullest she is missing a real treat. Mrs. C had said in one of  her post that sex was a stress reducer, but that only works if the woman is  enjoying sex. Good sex should have you smiling and glowing afterwards. Your  husband should be willing to please you as much as much as he wants to be  pleased. Now the truth is most (not all) men aim to please. Women you have to  allow him too please you and let go of your inhibitions. If he don’t know what  you like, I can’t stress this enough “Tell Him!!!” If he truly loves you, he  will listen. Sex is not something for you to think of as gross, nasty, and  appalling. Please, if that is your mind let it go, because if you don’t you are  going to continue to miss out one of this best things you could experience, in  life.

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